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Frances Dyson’s “Dissaffective Voices”

In her most recent book, The Tone of Our Times (MIT Press, 2014), Frances Dyson develops a broad-ranging analysis of tonicity to argue for the (re) coupling of “cents and sense, eco and echo.” [p.1] Put another way, Dyson foregrounds economic and environmental concerns to deliver a relational account of how resonance (“with its attributes of sympathy, empathy, and common understanding – is reduced to echo: the shallow repetition of the loudest voice”) and dissonance “sound” under late capitalism. (p.2)

In the video linked below, Dyson presents a paper around the subject of the fourth chapter, “Disaffected Voices,” at the Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture.

Disaffective Voices and Posthuman Subjects

Frances Dyson will present at Aisthesis on Friday 18 March.