Research Delegates

Camille Bréchignac is a recent graduate from McGill University. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Philosophy, and Political Science. Her cosmopolitan background (Buenos-Aires, Paris, Montreal) and her polyvalent education informed her interest in the public sphere as an essential topic for discussion and debate. She is very interested in how contemporary art affects and is affected by societal trends. She is also passionate about contemporary art for its strong intellectual and conceptual component. Although she studies it, Camille also looks at the more practical side of art: she paints, draws and plays the piano since she is 5. Camille is now looking at English masters in curating contemporary art.

Hera Chan is a Montreal-based community journalist who has worked with the McGill Daily, the Media Co-op, CKUT Radio, and the Eastern Door. She is completing her BA in the departments of East Asian Studies and Art History, and works with local artist organizations. She directed the first annual Common Aliens: Diaspora Conference in Montreal with Atelier Céladon last fall which focused on a people of colour diasporic enunciation in contemporary art.

Zoë De Luca is currently a PhD student in Art History at McGill University, Montreal. In 2013, she received an MA in Art History from University College London. She has previously held curatorial positions at the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, and worked as artist liaison in the private sector. Her research focuses on the potentialities of artists’ voices in contemporary art, primarily on the relationship between identity and vocality. She has published on contemporary art from the Asia Pacific, and in 2015 co-edited Personally, I’m most interested in the shapes and colours with Ludovik Vermeesch and Emily Doucet.

Sandra Evoughlian is currently completing her Master’s in Art History at McGill University. For her thesis project, she seeks to investigate contemporary artists who materially and infrastructurally act upon architecture through installations as a way to build and contest collective memory. Interested in questions around cultural heritage, co-creation, and knowledge transfer, Evoughlian has experience in public programming, including an internship at the Art Gallery of Ontario. She has also worked as a research assistant at McMaster University, and as an assistant curator of two exhibitions at McMaster Innovation Park.

Anastasia Howe Bukowski is currently pursuing an MA in Art History at McGill University. Her research interests include karaoke and other forms of amateur performance, the visual culture of athletics, and theorizations of listening and critical audition. Her writing has been published in KAPSULA and can be found in the Library and Media Archives of the CBC. She has penned exhibition texts for shows at 8-11 (Toronto) and Galerie CK2 (Montreal). Previously she has developed curatorial programming for the MUHC and collaborated on public education projects with the City of Toronto. She received a BA in Art History and Book and Media Studies from the University of Toronto.

jake moore is currently a PhD student in Art History, supervised by Dr. Christine Ross. Her research focuses on the rematerialization of the work of art and how shifting interpretations of materiality alter both access and perceived presence. As an artist and exhibition maker, her primary medium is space and its occupation, a notion extended to the production of text and academic practice. Her writing is published in both institutional and broadly public forms. Exhibition essays of note are; “It is a messy mouth”, Eliza Griffiths, and “look at what I am thinking, see what I am feeling” Valérie Blass. A book chapter for the YYZ publication, What is our role? : Artists in Academia and the Post-Knowledge Economy is forthcoming.